Excursions from Zagreb - NAS2


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Excursions from Zagreb - Varaždin


Imagine and enjoy well presented periods from 13th century to Baroque, Rococo and Classicism. Stroll the most beautiful formed and maintained parks in Croatia with rich vegetation and fascinating panorama. Relax in a romantic boat ride on the lake near Trakoscan Castle.
We will visit baroque city Varazdin – also called “Little Vienna”. Varazdin is the city of music, baroque and flowers. Enjoy rich history and culture of the town and its many Baroque palaces, churches and monasteries. Do not miss a visit to the city museum located in a renaissance fortress on the water – the old city, and Varazdin Cemetery, an architectural pearl and one of the most beautiful cemeteries in Europe.
Duration: 6 hours
Driving distance to destination: 125 km
Highlights: Trakoscan Castle, Old City Varazdin
Intensity: xxx


Excursions from Zagreb - Zagreb


Remove the veil from the secrets kept in the facades of old buildings. Find out why people in Zagreb hear Gric cannon each day at noon and discover the hidden courtyards of old town. Enliven the stories from ancient times such as the struggle of Gradec and the Capitol, or the story of the Golden Bull. Feel everyday Zagreb on Dolac market while you sense a scent of more than one hundred kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. Take a ride with the funicular in Zagreb and a walk via Lenuzzi green horseshoe – one of the major urban interventions in the history of Croatian architecture and horticulture. We will stop at the famous cemetery of Mirogoj, the „Westminster Abbey of Croatia“, as well as the ornate 19th Century National Theatre and the Zagreb University.
Duration: 4 hours
Driving distance: 5 kms
Highlights: Upper Town, Stone Gate
Intensity: xx


Excursions from Zagreb - Samobor


The delightful town of Samobor, west of Zagreb, is famous for its glassware, mustard, sausages ,cakes (kremsnita-layers of flaky pastry filled with vanilla custard) and its carnival.
In present-days Samobor is dominated by the ruins of the early town, built in the 13th century and abandoned 600 years later. Samobor features sacral architecture and almost every surrounding hill has a chapel built upon it. The central square is bordered by elegant 18th and 19th century houses and it is a splendid place to sit down for coffee and cake.
Duration: 4 hours
Driving distance to destination: 30 km
Highlights: Crystal manufacture
Intensity: xx


Excursions from Zagreb - Marija Bistrica


The Mother of God Shrine in Marija Bistrica located in Hrvatsko Zagorje has a long centuries-old history and is one of the most popular and visited Marian shrines in Croatia. Thousands of people visit Marija Bistrica every year and prey for peace, health to Our Mother of God, patron of Croats.
The located Bistrica itself is mentioned back in 1209 as a feudal property, while in 1334 it was recorded as the Parish Church of Sts. Peter and Paul. During construction on the eve of the Assumption of Mary, a fire broke out damaging the complete internal section of the church, and besides the large altar, the miraculous statue of the Mother of God. The most solemn day was 3 October 1998 when Pope John Paul II visited Marija Bistrica on occasion of the beautification of the martyr, the Zagreb Archbishop Alojzije Stepinac.
Duration: 6 hours
Driving distance to destination: 45 km
Highlights: The Church of the Mother of God of Bistrica
Intensity: xxx



Enjoy the natural beauties of Lonjsko Polje, the largest protected wetland area not only in Croatia, but in the entire Danube River basin. It is only about 100 km from Zagreb to the east. Visit Cigoc, the picturesque village which was proclaimed the first European stork village by the European foundation Euronatur. Due to its exceptionally favorable natural conditions, there are stork nests on nearly every house or barn, and there are more storks than people.
Optional: Traditional lunch in the rural household.
Duration: 4 hours
Driving distance to destination: 100 km
Highlights: European village of storks
Intensity: xxx


Excursions from Zagreb - Ljuabljana i Bled


Discover Ljubljana, the beautiful Slovenian capital, situated on the banks of the Ljubljanica River. The city grew around the Grand Fortress, built in the twelfth century at the top of a hill from where one can enjoy a splendid view of the Julian Alps and Karavanke. Enjoy Ljubljana Castle, The Square of Three Bridges, National Museum and Opera House during a nice walk.
Head to Bled, a great natural beauty, surrounded by the Alps. It is well known for its lake, hot springs and mild climate. It has an island considered to be the most beautiful in the world, with an eleventh century castle. After the city tour, take a break for a coffee by the lake. If you want, try kremsnita – very famous vanilla and custard cream cake.
Duration: 10 hours
Driving distance to destination: 200 km
Highlights: Ljubljana Castle, Bled Castle
Intensity: xxx


Excursions from Zagreb - Plitvice


Explore Plitvice lakes – enjoy hiking between lakes, beneath waterfalls and admire always changing colors of water. Someone wrote: “There are water, lakes, waterfalls and forest elsewhere, but Plitvice Lakes are unique. They simply must be seen!”.
Over one million people every year stop in the Lika region just to be able to enjoy this masterpiece of nature. Through centuries water was carving lakes and forming waterfalls resulting with creation of 16 crystal clear lakes. It is first and the biggest National park in Croatia and the only one put on UNESCO list of natural heritage.
On your way to the National Park we stop to see an overture for the Lakes – Rastoke watermill village. This settlement was created on the junction of two rivers providing force for various watermills. Most of them nowadays don’t work but we will visit one that does.
After Rastoke we arrive to the National park Plitvice lakes. Considering weather conditions, your wishes and capabilities we will choose the best route between many that are possible. We will hike, cross the biggest lake with the boat and drive with the panoramic bus.
Duration: 9 hours
Driving distance to destination: 140 km
Highlights: NP Plitvice
Intensity: xxxx



Within two hours driving from Zagreb we arrive in Rijeka, the biggest port of Croatia on the Adriatic Coast. On a walking tour you will discover The National Theatre, the Modello Palace and Rijeka’s marketplace. We will also see the church of St. Nicolas and then visit the Korzo – Rijeka’s most famous pedestrian street, where there is always something going on.
After Rijeka we will visit Trsat, the Sanctuary of Trsat, monastery and Trsat Castle with city walls who dominated the territory for centuries above the river RjeCina.
The history of Trsat goes far back into to pre-iliric time in which the first traces of ancient fort came to existence.
We continue to visit Kastav, a small town build on 350 metes above sea level, which offers a gorgeous view on the whole Kvarner bay and the islands.
Duration: 8 hours
Driving distance to destination: 170 km
Highlights: Trsatska Gradina
Intensity: xxxx


Excursions from Zagreb - Bled i Bohinj (2)


We will spend an exciting day in Slovenia and its unspoiled nature. Firstly we travel to fairy –tale resort of Bled. Bled was presented to the Bishop of Brixen by the Holy Roman Emperor, Henry II in the middle ages. The jewel-like Lake Bled, fringed with sylvan shores and towering mountains is overlooked by a medieval Castle. Visit the picture-perfect Castle on the hill. From the castle you can see a small, verdant island in the middle of the lake – home to the white tower and red roof of the Baroque style Church of the Virgin’s Nativity. We will take a gondola ride to the island and climb the monumental staircase which leads to the famous „Bell of Wishes“.
After Bled we continue to Bohinj, a romantic and quiet area within the Julian Alps Area is traversed by the Sava Bohinjka river. Its main feature is the per glacial Lake Bohinj. The awe-inspiring mountains that hang overhead, tearing the sky with their mighty peaks, beckon the nature-lover onward and upward to one of the many hiking trails that wrap their way through stone forests and around wind-gnarled pines. And as with many things, it is the journey there that is perhaps the most memorable.
Duration: 10 hours
Driving distance to destination: 220 km
Highlights: Bled Castle, Bohinj lake
Intensity: xxxx


Excursions from Zagreb - Opatija


Opatija, an elegant tourist destination, situated in the picturesque Kvarner Bay. Once the resort of choice for the Habsburg and European royalty as well as cultural figures from Gustav Mahler to Isidora Duncan, Opatija is Croatian’s oldest seaside resort. It was constructed at the end of the nineteenth beginning of the twentieth century, and has up until today retained its harmony with nature. Enjoy Its parks, lighted foreshore walkways (lungomare, 12 km), beautiful villas and gardens. Take a rest after a walking tour at one of numerous cafes overlooking the sea.
Duration: 8 hours
Driving distance to destination: 175 km
Highlights: Opatija’s villas &gardens
Intensity.: xx