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Wine tour Croatia & Slovenia


Day 1. Zagreb - Rovinj

Arrival to Zagreb and transfer to Rovinj. Overnight.

Day 2. Istria's Hilltop Towns

Let a local guide show you around the idyllic hilltop towns of Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula! Visit the towns of Bale, Vodnjan, Motovun, Beram, Pazin, Grožnjan, Livade, and Buzet. Experience breath-taking views of rolling hills, olive groves, and vistas stretching out all the way to the sea. Learn about the rich history of each town while you wander among ancient Roman ruins, Gothic churches, and Baroque-style villas. Be charmed with the medieval towers, soaring walls, and pretty squares that are filled with tiny cafes, restaurants, galleries, and artisanal boutiques. As you journey between towns, catch views of the picturesque countryside and glimpses of deep forests and valleys, dotted here and there with solitary forts and church towers. Visit the wine cellars and a small wine museum. Relax as you sip a glass of wine. Stroll through endless vineyards on fertile soil which makes the Istrian region famous for grape cultivation.

Day 3. Truffle Hunting and Winery Visit in Istria

Enjoy the best of Istria’s rich culinary history on a truffle hunt and a visit to a winery! Enjoy a scenic drive from Rovinj to Motovun passing valleys and gently rolling hills. At the Motovun forest, hunt for truffles (also called black diamonds) under the guidance of a professional truffle hunter with specially trained dogs. Hear fascinating stories of how truffles were discovered here 80 years ago and their life cycle. Next, head over to the small village of Livade where the largest truffle was found. Continue your journey to the winery in the village of Momjan owned by the Markezic family. Learn about their winemaking history since 1891 and their processes including the unique method of burying the grapes in clay pots for fermentation. Take in stunning views of the Alps and Dolomites on one side and the greenery and the Adriatic Sea in the distance. Visit the wine cellars and a small wine museum. Relax in the tasting room in the charming farmhouse as you sip a glass of wine and taste virgin olive oil.

Day 4. Rovinj – Postojna Cave - Bled

Discover the magical underground world of Postojna Cave. Hop on the electrical train, the world’s first railway in an underground cave, for a ride of a lifetime through 14 miles of stunning ice formations developed across centuries. When the train drops you off, set off on foot through meandering pathways and tunnels to explore extraordinarily shaped natural columns and pillars. You’ll be delighted to know that you don’t need special equipment or gear for this tour. Proceed to witness the steady dripping of water along the dazzling white curves of the stalagmite called ‘Brilliant’. Take a tour of the Concert Hall, the largest inside a cave system where live performances are held regularly. Then climb aboard the train again to reach the cave’s entrance where you end your tour.

Day 5. Lipizza horses, Church of the holy trinity Hrastovlje, Stanjel village and wine tasting in Kras

Kras is one of the most unique regions of Slovenia, where nature and culture co-exist in unique synergy connected with the Karst landscape. From there emerged Karst Lipizzaners. We will visit the home of this breed and tour the stables. The area is littered with wine cellars, that are producing a wide variety of wines. During the scenic drive towards the fortified town of Stanjel, we will stop in one of the local wine cellars and do the wine tasting. At the end of the day, stop in the unique church of the Holy Trinity will follow.

Day 6. Trip around 2 great Slovenian wine regions Goriška Brda & Vipava Valley

Explore two wine-growing districts of Primorska region in one day: Vipava Valley and Goriška Brda. This is the only area in Slovenia with the dominant influence of the Mediterranean climate, which affects local wines, cuisine and people. Meet the local winemakers and learn about what influenced their way of the wine production.

Day 7. Departure Ljubljana

Departure transfer to Ljubljana airport

Itinerary summary:

  • 4 nights Rovinj 
  • 2 nights Bled


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