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Perfecta Travel’s sustainability and practices are directly linked to its employees believe in fundamental corporate values to satisfy customers with innovative technology, superior quality, value and friendly ser vices.

We at Perfecta Travel are committed to designing and providing our services to promote the positive effects of responsible and sustainable tourism, all in line with the Sustainable Tourism Development Strategy and the National Sustainable Tourism Development Plan of the Republic of Croatia. Services are built around the authentic experience, appreciating the local small local economies, businesses and food farms.

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The goal of this strategy is to generate two-way added values, in symbiosis with the subcontracting partners, while lowering any negative impacts mass tourism may have on both social and natural environment

Our main areas of green and sustainable initiatives:

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Rural tourism oriented

Providing the new perspectives to our travellers, by bringing our guests closer to natural specifics of the Croatia and nearby region, living habits and principles, values specifical- ly crafted as a heritage of the Mid-European and Mediterranean cultures. Therefore, except the most popular destinations, we encourage our guests to visit the other parts of our country, less impacted by the trends of the globalised world.

This allows a genuine insights and experience of each destination, while contributing to the preservation of those regions by appreciating their true identity and support- ing their micro economies.

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Community oriented

Perfecta Travel nourish a policy of employing local guides, familiar with the people, area specifics, local history, farming and food production, keeping the information up to date each season. Each year, Perfecta Travel is delivering new programs and tours, that engage our guest to interact with the locals, through the educational visits to our famous vineyards, olive farms, fishing spots, salt production farms, art communities and workshops.

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Responsible tourism oriented

As tourism is taking other direction, against the mass tourism specific to the large-scale cruise ship and other short-term visits, we tend to get closer to smaller groups and specific individual interest of our clients.

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Eco tourism oriented

We strive to minimise the negative carbon footprint, by choosing smaller group transfer options, and partners offering more sustainable ways of travel. Our services offer newly adopt- ed ways of getting around, offering bicycles and other electricity supported vehicles.

While choosing the accommodation offering, the company is focused in finding the stay which has highest standards and certificates of sustainable hotel and hospitality operations, in terms of the energy production, con- sumption, local food supply chains, waste management, and many more other ways of doing sustaina- ble business.

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Green tourism oriented

As a company, we are committed to make our business “greener” each year, by transferring the operations to the digital domain, reducing the necessary travel, obsolete marketing operations, hand-picking the visit to the travel shows around the Europe and other world markets. Also, we are particularly focused on eliminating plastic and reducing the amount of paper we use.

In the end, we are enthusiastic about the places and destinations we offer, while nurturing company awareness that our business is dependent on the environmentally friendly approach and preservation of our immediate habitat.


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